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Founded in 1987 in a small suburb outside of Cleveland, Ohio, American Heritage Billiards (AHB) has grown into the world’s largest game room furniture manufacturer. AHB began producing pool tables as a raw materials manufacturer, “ripping bark off of trees” so to speak. AHB domestically engineered, sourced, stained, and built all of its pool tables from scratch in a small warehouse. The focus was to build a pool table the best way possible. It isn’t just a piece of furniture…it’s a piece of furniture on which you play a precision game.

This hands-on building gave our company an unmatched opportunity to learn how to build an heirloom piece of furniture, and many of those methods (like using mortise and tenon construction) are integral to our procedures today.

Over time, as we have expanded exponentially, AHB began domestically sourcing our products to a few manufacturers in the Carolinas. All the while, our customers continued to grow our business quite rapidly…quicker than we could keep up with using our current resources. Soon, we started using both domestic and global resources to produce our   products to our design and building specifications at competitive prices.

Throughout this growth period (we went from selling around 2,000 tables in 1987 to approximately 27,000 in 2003), we teamed with our customers to create what was an innovative concept at the time…coordinating game room furniture collections. Instead of just selling pool tables, we gave customers the ability to buy an entire room of furniture. Home bars, bar stools, back bars, mirrors, game tables, and other items were now available in coordinating finishes with our pool tables. When properly displayed in collections, this gave our customers the ability to envision exactly how the game room of their dreams might look…and gave them the ability to buy it on the spot. Customers were no longer buying products, they were buying the means to a lifestyle of entertaining.

Now, American Heritage Billiards gives our customers the best possible option in the industry when it comes to game room furniture. We hope you’ll share our goal…to help friends and families gather more often.

American Heritage Billiards is also proud to be associated with GreatGatherings.

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